About Us

From pool lovers to pool lovers.


It was one of those hot summer days back in 2016 when team Aixsun then just a group of friends planned to get together to enjoy some BBQ time and the pool together. At the time our plan for a fun summer party took a wrong turn when we found out that our pool water was full of grass the wind had blown in after cutting some grass the day before.

Well, we still had fun as we talked together while cleaning the pool the old-fashioned way, unfortunately, took a big part of the day before we were done. As we collected the debris we wondered wouldn’t there be a better way to do it already? After all, there are all kinds of cleaning robots for the house and automatic lawn mowers - couldn’t there be one for the pool also?

We’ll yes we thought! We knew before that the robots can have some issues at home but how would a pool robot differ? What kind of challenges would it have to conquer? 

As some time passed we actually returned to this conversation and the idea we had that day at the pool. Some had seen corded cleaners and tools for the pool and after learning about other technologies we came to the conclusion that YES! This can be done and the way to get it done is by using suction filters and a smart cordless robot that knows where to go.

From there we planned and greeted our first prototypes. Motors, different shapes, and filters. Plus technologies how to make it work without external guidance markers or other equipment you might be familiar with from other kinds of cleaning robots.

Finally, the day came when we had our working proto that combined the basics, powerful cleaning, automatic operation and smart routing that detects the pool and knows what to do when there’s a sudden frisbee or toys at the bottom.

The rest is history, after tuning and some good R&D we now have the products we offer today! Powerful and super easy to operate pool cleaners which are the top of their class in pool cleaners!

As pool lovers to fellow pool lovers, we can proudly recommend our products so you can spend less time cleaning your pool and more time enjoying those fun pool parties with your friends and family.

See you at the pool!

-Team Aixsun


Aixsun technology


  1. Fully sealed chassis for extra suction power

What makes Aixsun cleaning robots special is the fully sealed chassis that allows our brushless motors to operate more efficiently. By using this design for the chassis our robots achieve stronger suction power that cleans your pool efficiently and quickly. Aixsun robots have a 10-15% higher cleaning coverage rate than other products in their class.

  1. Intelligent route planning

Everyone knows that the worst enemy of cleaning robots are obstacles and difficult-to-reach areas. Our optimal chassis designs compared with intelligent route planning enables our robots to avoid obstacles and plan the cleaning route efficiently.

  1. Self-parking

All our robots are easy to retrieve thanks to the automatic detection of low battery or a job well done. Once the robot is done it will drive to the side of the pool from where it is easy to retrieve with a hook and pole.

  1. Cordless

Do we need to say more? This is one of the first things that Team Aixsun thought of when first coming up with the idea of automatic cleaning robots. Anyone who ever used automatic robots knows that the cords are always in the way, getting the robots stuck and choked by their own power cords. Thanks to eliminating this hindrance, we were able to bring intelligent route planning and easy operation to reality.

Interested in joining the team Aixsun as a dealer?

Today Aixsun has become a well-known brand in the market and has grown into a comprehensive company devoted to R&D, design, manufacture, and brand marketing. We are always happy to invite more members to join and bring our products to new markets. If you are interested in working with us we have many good reasons why Aixsun is the right choice in the pool cleaning industry.

High-Quality Products

We always strive to provide customers with the best products, built with the utmost care and quality. We stand behind all our swimming pool cleaning products which are all built to last.

Comprehensive product catalog

With now over 2000 factories and partners we now have a huge catalog of swimming pool cleaning products not limited to robots for each and every need ranging from private pools to huge pools and commercial uses.

Strict Quality Assurance

We have a strict quality inspection before shipping, ensuring all our products meet all set quality standards and requirements.

After-sale service

We have 24/7 Customer Service, please contact us at service@aixsun.com if you have any questions.


If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us today! We can’t wait to hear from you.