It’s overwhelming to find the right cleaner for your pool, but Aixsun 08 Pro should be on every pool owner’s wish list. Treating youself with an automatic pool cleaner is a decision that gives you back the freedom of lounging and enjoying your summer to the fullest without having to spend those days in the sun sweating and cleaning your pool.

In the long run automatic cleaning robots also save money as you don’t really use money buying all the other cleaning equipment and especially if you have had the habit of hiring a professional cleaning specialist to come and visit your pool. As the robot does the work for you, you can clean your pool regularly and often so that it won’t get into the condition where emptying and scrubbing the pool is the only way to go.

Using the Aixsun is easy as it’s lightweight compared to lots of other robotic pool cleaners, weighing just 14 lbs! It’s remarkably precise and compact in the water. How it works is that there is one suction inlet on the both front and back of the cleaner, the channel is fully sealed which ensures high-efficiency cleaning. Many other pool cleaners use dual motors so that they can report high power wattage but if the channel isn’t fully sealed it means that a lot of that power goes to waste as the flow isn’t concentrated. Aixsun 08 actually gets better results with its single brushless and adaptive motor due to its sealed build, using one motor also means that these results are done with much lower power consumption.

Aixsun 08 is no slouch either- it reaches a cleaning speed of 40 feet per minute and can climb at angles of 20 degrees without losing cleaner power. The 2.1-quart load filter basket traps all kinds of garbage like leaves, dirt, sand and other debris. After using the cleaner the basket is easy to remove and empty.

It has a rechargeable cordless design, you don’t need to worry about cord entanglement or cord damage during the pool cleaning project. As the cleaner is a single package and compact size it is also easy to store when you are not using it. Emptying before storing is also easy as the excess water drains when you retrieve it from the pool.

Aixsun 08 - Take your pool life to the next level

Aixsun 08 Pro, for an extraordinary life, holds the mission to create simple and smart outdoor cleaning solutions. Aixsun 08 Pro came into the space with the intention to save people time & money and to change how they'd clean their pools forever.

Aixsun 08 Pro is a simple, smart, and innovative outdoor cleaning solution with leading-edge technologies and historical breakthroughs. With a sharp sense of market demands and aim to solve people's pain points.