Aixsun pool cleaning robots are built differently to give your pool a pro-level cleaning while you can relax on the poolside. Let’s take a look at what separates the Aixsun robots from the rest.

Automated route planning- excellent coverage of the whole cleaning area for all shapes of pools.

  1. Efficient design and battery life. Sealed single motor design vs dual-motor system without sealing. Aixsun sealed designs to reach the same pressure and cleaning power or more than the dual-motor systems without sealing archive while simultaneously using less energy resulting in better battery life.
  2. Fast speed - at 40 feet/minute speed the Aixsun cleaners make quick work of cleaning your pool.
  3. High battery capacity - The Aixsun 08 max cleaning time reaches up to 3 hours in 77°F water and it can clean a pool of 1000 sq ft in that time!
  4. Fast charging - after all that cleaning the 08 charges is ready for more with 4-6 hours charging time.
  5. Cordless design - easier to store and no more robots tangling in their own cords.
  6. No pump required - fully independent robot - just release it in your pool and let it do its thing.
  7. No tools required - the whole robot can be emptied and operated by hand.
  8. Filters - Adjusted filters for easy operation and water quality assurance.
  9. Auto pressure adjustment and vents - Safe and stable pressure.
  10. Dynamic power adjustment - Cleaning power stays consistent throughout the cleaning program and doesn’t falter even when the robot is climbing the bottom of the pool at an upward angle.
  11. Premium materials - No cheap ABS components, Aixsun uses strong PC and Nylon materials in its cleaning robots.
  12. Tire bearings - the wheels of Aixsun robots have bearings so that the wheels roll smoothly with little to no resistance.
  13. Advanced motor protection - in case you forget to install the filter or the flow gets stuck the robot is smart enough to stop without causing damage to itself.
  14. Quick and Easy operation - no tools and setting up required, just lower it in the pool and it turns on and starts working.
  15. Stainless steel charging port - Unlike some other cleaning robots Aixsun uses stainless steel charging ports so that water and oxidation don’t cause the charging port to rust and stop working. 
  16. Sinks like a submarine - hidden smart vents help the machine reach the bottom of the pool quickly and stop it from floating.
  17. Easy maintenance - thanks to the modular designs our robots are easy to dismantle and service when needed. The clamps are also large and designed to be easy to open and close with bare hands
  18. Auto-draining - after finishing cleaning and retrieving the robot it drains automatically so that it’s ready to store quickly.
  19. Transparent debris container - This sounds like a small detail but it makes it so much easier when you can see if the container is full or not without opening it
  20. Auto-protection - If you happen to forget to install the filter worry not, Aixsun cleaning robots will detect it and won’t let the debris enter the motor. 
  21. Rounded design - Safe and easy to hold and operate.
  22. Certified robots - Aixsun cleaning robots are certified pool cleaning robots and meet the standards set.

Phew, well that’s a long list, we are glad that you made it all the way to the end. There are many cleaning solutions in the market and we at Aixsun are especially proud of the total design of our products. 

As you can see not all pool cleaners are made the same, the differences come not only in operating efficiency and batteries but all the small details that make the product easy to operate and maintain.

If you want to get the best pool pal to save yourself from the hard work of cleaning the pool get yourself an Aixsun robot. We promise you won’t be disappointed!