Swimming and summer go hand in hand. Warm weather, sunny days, and lots of free time are the perfect setup for days spent in the pool. While swimming is a fun pastime during summer break, it’s a fantastic sport to participate in year round.


  1. Maintain Swimming Skill Levels and Safety

It’s important for adults and children to have solid swimming skills. Having strong skills helps to keep you safe in a variety of situations that you could find yourself in. When you take time to swim every day in summer, you strengthen those skills and stamina.

  1. Keep Active

It’s recommended that you should try to get about thirty minutes of exercise most days of the week. What better way to log those minutes of activity than in the pool?

You’ll also set a great example for your kids. During the dog days of summer, it can be tempting to stay in the air conditioning and sit in front of the television or video games. By encouraging them to swim every day in summer, you’ll set the example for a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Stress Relief

Have you had a stressful day? Get into the pool! Swimming has been shown to be a proven stress reliever. Whether you swim laps or simply tread water, you’re sure to feel relief as stress melts away in the soothing water of your fiberglass pool.

  1. Build Up Your Muscles and Strength

We’ll let you in on a little secret. You can tone muscles and strengthen your entire body when you swim every day in summer. The natural resistance from the water, combined with repetitive swim strokes, works to strengthen your muscles and build your stamina. 

  1. A Great Social Activity

Swimming is a versatile sport. You can swim independently or on a team. That makes it a great social activity! Whether you join a team or just invite friends over to swim, it provides a way to connect with old friends as well as make new ones.

To welcome summer and enjoy the pool fun, we should make preparations to open our pool. It is troublesome to clean a pool by ourselves or hire someone to clean the pool because it’s costly. A robotic pool cleaner could be a good choice.




It’s time to discover how JET10 Cordless Pool Cleaner could be the right tool to keep your pool clean.

1.Thorough Cleaning With Optimum Efficiency

There is one suction inlet on the both front and back of the cleaner, which ensures high efficiency cleaning. With the high-efficiency built-in suction pump and a powerful suction motor. JET 10 can reach a cleaning speed of 12 meters per minute and can also clean the ramp no that no more than 15 degrees.

 JET 10 cordless pool robot cleaner doesn’t only suck loose debris, but it scrubs pool floor perfectly, leaving it with crystal clear water.

  1. Lightweight & Easy-to-Use

It only weighs 7 lbs, which is light and easy to use. Placing or removing the JET 10 Cordless Pool Cleaner from your pool is super easy with the fast clean-water release, lightweight, and highly ergonomic design.

The pool cleaner is equipped with large capacity lithium-ion battery, which can work up to 90 minutes of non-stop cleaning after charging 3 hours. With the cordless design, you don’t need to worry about cord entanglement or cord damage during the pool cleaning project.

It starts to work automatically after entering the water. When encountering obstacles during operation, it will change direction automatically and plan the cleaning route intelligently.

  1. High-Quality

Removing the debris and dirt from your pool could be challenging without the right technology. Luckily, JET 10 Robot Cleaner is here to accomplish this task, with its 2 roller brushes, which work on pool surfaces. The 4L load filter basket can trap all kinds of garbage like leaves, dirt, sand, nail to keep your pool clean.


To have a crystal clear pool without the hassle, get yourself Aixsun. It will make life easier for you and your family to enjoy. JET 10 is capable of holding large quantities of grime, dirt, and junk. It works effortlessly and very affordable.